Carla Rule-Based Parking
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Exploring Rule-Based Parking with Carla and ROS


Carla is a renowned open-source simulator for autonomous driving research, offering a realistic environment for testing and developing autonomous vehicles. In this project, we present an implementation of a rule-based parking motion using Carla and ROS (Robot Operating System). The parking motion follows an open-loop approach, meaning it relies on predefined rules without information retrieval from sensors, potentially leading to crashes.


To get started with the rule-based parking implementation, follow these installation steps:

  1. Navigate to your catkin workspace:

    cd ~/<catkin_ws>/src
  2. Clone the Carla parking repository:

    git clone
  3. Move to the root of the catkin workspace and build the project:

    cd ..

Environment Setup

Before running the rule-based parking, make sure to set up the environment properly:

  1. Run Carla using the command:


    For more detailed instructions, refer to the official Carla documentation.

  2. Launch the Carla ROS bridge:

    roslaunch carla_ros_bridge carla_ros_bridge.launch

Running the Rule-Based Parking

To execute the rule-based parking scenario:

  1. Source the setup file:

    source devel/setup.bash
  2. Run the parking script:

    rosrun carla_park


The implemented routine can be visualized in the provided GIF, showcasing the rule-based parking motion with a time scale of x5.


The script implements a basic parking policy for autonomous cars based on geometric information. The script spawns the following entities:

  • One ego vehicle at coordinates (x=61.4, y=-7.62, z=0.05).
  • Two vehicles inside the parking location adjacent to the ego vehicle at coordinates (x=60.4, y=-10.62, z=0.05) and (x=47.0, y=-10.62, z=0.05).
  • A camera attached to the ego vehicle for potential sensor-based parking policies.
  • Carla world set to Town 03 carla_maps.
  • All vehicles are rotated 180 degrees to align correctly with the street.

Tested Environment

The rule-based parking has been tested successfully in the following environment:

  • Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS
  • Unreal Engine 4.22
  • ROS Melodic
  • Carla 0.9.7

Feel free to explore and integrate this rule-based parking implementation into your autonomous driving research using Carla and ROS.

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