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I'm a robotic nerd that loves learning. As a PhD student at the University of Naples Federico II, Italy I study how robots can learn to interact in a human-like way. The future expects robot to be able to interact with humans in a natural way and somebody has to make it happen ;).
I am funded by the perseo project, a Marie Skłodowska-Curie European Training Network (ETN) funded by the European Commission that allows me to collaborate with the top european researchers in the field. Here I collect some of my works and interests.

A Gatsby astronaut

Handshake prototype


How do you park?

Telepresence robot

13 Mar, 2023

The CONCATENATE workshop gave me the opportunity to present my work ''An Interaction-centric Approach to Metrics in Social HRI'' during the Human-Robot Interaction conference 2023 HRI2023 held in Stockholm, Sweden.

02 Mar, 2023

The highschool Liceo Statale Ghandi in Casoria, Italy invited me to give a talk on Artificial Intelligence and Robotics.

14 Dec, 2022

I presented my work named Exploring Non-Verbal Strategies for Initiating an HRI in the interactive poster session of the International Conference of Social Robotics ICSR2022 held in Florence, Italy.

14 Dec, 2022

The work named On The Emotional Transparency of a Non-Humanoid Social Robot was presented by me during the interactive poster session of the International Conference of Social Robotics ICSR2022 held in Florence, Italy.

01 Sep, 2022

I co-presented the work named Familiar Acoustic Cues for Legible Service Robots in the 2022 IEEE International Conference on Robot and Human Interactive (ROMAN2022) held in Naples, Italy.

24 May, 2021

The local newspaper ForliToday interviewed me about how my career developed in Italy as well as in Germany and how I feel about the future of Robotics and AI.

24 May, 2021

Had the chance to interact for two hours with (former) German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Söder. They visited the MIRMI lab at the TUM, where I was Research Assistant.

23 May, 2019

The work on closed-loop Human-Robot Handshake gained attention in several newspaper Corriere di Siena, il cittadino online.

22 May, 2019

18 May, 2019

The bank La BCC Ravennate Forlivese e Imolese awarded me with a grant of 1000€ for my academic results.

18 Dec, 2018

The students of my former high school in Forli ITE Matteucci were presented with my career, where I had the opportunity to share my experience as a researcher and my passion for robotics.

Early Stage Researcher - MSCA Fellow

University of Naples Federico II - Naples, Italy

Dec, 2022

Perseo Project

Robotics Engineer

Roboception GmbH - Munich, Germany

Jul, 2022

Licensed Engineer

Polytechnic University of Turin - Turin, Italy

Dec, 2022

Autonomous Systems Developer

STtech GmbH - Munich, Germany

Apr, 2020

Research Assistant

Technical University of Munich - Munich, Germany

Apr, 2019

Daimler Cloud Services Consultant

Kadacon GmbH - Area Mid-North Italy

Feb, 2019

Master Degree in Robotics and Automation Engineering

University of Siena - Siena, Italy

Oct, 2018

Thesis: “A Closed Loop Approach to Human-Robot Handshake“ - 110/110 e Lode

Bachelor Degree in Management Engineering

University of Siena - Siena, Italy

Oct, 2015

Thesis: “Analisi e confronti di sistemi di trading basate sul trend following” - 92/110

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